Project Staffing

Business Analytics

FusionForte brings in the skills, technologies and practices within business analytics to clients for continuous iterative exploration and investigation of past business performance. This helps our customers to gain insight and drive business planning. FusionForte helps in developing new insights and understand business performance based on data and statistical methods. This is used an input for prudent decision making to answer questions such as "why is this happening?", "what will happen next?" and "what if the trends continue?"

Some of the areas within business analytics that we can provide consulting services include:

  • » ERP Analytics including all domains
  • » Predictive Analytics
  • » Sales and CRM Analytics
  • » Financial Services analytics
  • » Risk & Credit analytics
  • » Marketing analytics
  • » Supply Chain analytics

We work closely with business users to help them in data analysis, task specific knowledge and data mining to evolve various metrics.